What to consider while purchasing the right mattress

What to consider while purchasing the right mattress

Nowadays, A considerable number of people are suffering from sleep disorders because of physical or environmental factors. But would you allow these factors to affect both your physical and mental health, knowing how essential your sleep is for your next day effectiveness? You might have spent countless hours to find the best mattress for sleeping. Did that help? If your answer is negative, let me guide you through some essential factors which are preventing you from having a peaceful sleep you wish to have every night.


  • Is Your Mattress Creating Problems?

Since our body consists of curves and joints, flat mattresses may provide too much pressure on these areas, causing hot spots & joint pain in the morning. Some mattress designs can completely contour your body, provide inadequate support, and force your muscles to work for a healthy posture. If you think your mattress is creating the issue, you can stretch 15 minutes after you wake up. If stretching reduces your pain, your mattress is the problem! Furthermore, back sleepers may find like their back is attacking them and side/stomach sleepers may face spine issue if the mattress is too firm. So what is the key to avoiding such situations? Choosing a mattress which provides medium firmness. It will allow your body to be in a relaxed posture, and you won't have to worry about getting pressure on your curves or joints on a medium-firm mattress.


  • Mattress Too Hot or Too Cold?

The initial drop of your body temperature at night helps you to feel tired and sleepy while getting too hot or cold can hinder your brain-refreshing slow-wave slumber. Sleeping too cold can cause arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms. In contrast, sleeping too hot can cause uncomfortable sweating, tossing and turning, and disrupted sleep! Also, note that one's individual metabolism and preferences can also make a bed feel too hot or cold for sleeping.


The national sleep foundation recommends having your thermostat on 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit temperature regardless of having or not having a partner who is adding body heat to the mix.


Each mattress differs in breathability. However, other factors include how it was constructed, materials used in it, and even the base of the foundation play a significant part in your comfortability. Typically, materials such as latex, foam, or memory foams used in mattress run reasonably hot.


In addition, the firmness of your mattress can also affect your sleeping temperature. Since a person usually sinks in the softer mattresses, airflow for the sleeping person gets restricted, and therefore, it results in a heat trap potential. In contrast, firmer mattresses provide excellent airflow for the sleeping person. Besides, highly conforming Tempur-pedic mattresses models present above-average heat trap potential because of their ability to mold around the sleeper.


Nonetheless, couples can find it challenging to come to a conclusion on a mattress since the temperature is highly dependent upon one's natural body metabolism. Moreover, human bodies experience different temperatures at different times. These fluctuations mean that one might find something cold at 10 PM and find the same thing hot at 10 AM!


However, some mattress manufacturers are making multiple layered mattresses which improve the sleepers breathability and also allows the sleeper to sleep warm at the same time.


  • Does Your Mattress Provide Good Support?


Many people intertwine the support and firmness of mattresses together, but they are two different things. Often people think that firmer mattresses will provide more exceptional support and softer mattresses will not. That’s not the case because softer mattresses can provide adequate support too.


A quality mattress will keep your head, shoulders, heels, buttocks, and spine in proper alignment. If your mattress is too firm, it will take you out of your neutral alignment as a result of pushing on those key pressure points. In contrast, your whole body could flop back on too soft mattresses since it may not be able to contain those pressure points. Both of the situations could lead to lower back pain, shoulder pain, etc.


  • Is your mattress designed for your comfort?

The ideal solution is to find a mattress that supports your body in a neutral position. Your head, shoulders, heels, buttocks need to be in proper alignment, and your spine should have a gentle curvature overall.


To get the right mattress, you need to find one which is firm as well as comfortable. Your body type, weight, material preferences, etc. are some of the decisive factors to consider while you are looking for firmness in a mattress. However, you might want to explore universal comfort mattresses that were designed by several online mattress companies. Usually, these mattresses offer only one level of comfort, but a variety of people can also find these mattresses comfortable because of the structure and layered design of their foam. This makes these foams extremely beneficial for couples who prefer different firmness on the mattress.


The universal comfort mattresses are available at balanced comfort levels between four to seven(4-7) out of Ten. Universal comfort mattresses coincide with these numbers as the average firmness level for most sleepers. If you are not sure about these universal comfort mattresses, or if you prefer a different firmness level(1-3 or 8-10), you may have to consider some other options.


  • Does Your Mattress Provide Proper Pressure Relief?

If you are using a pressure relief mattress, you already know how essential it is for your prolonged bed rest. Bed-rested patients, to be more specific, those who are unable to move slightly or at all, remain at high risk for decubitus ulcers aka bedsores. Using a pressure relief mattress act as a precaution against this small ulcer and prevents it from becoming blisters or infected wounds. Without this precaution, one may ultimately face tissue death in affected areas.


In the extended period of immobility, stretching and bending of blood vessels causes pressure ulcers. Additionally, the friction of mattress against the skin, pinching, and constriction of blood vessels at pressure spots leads to lack of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Hence, it causes pressure ulcers.  These patients require a special mattress with superior comfort and support which allows them to stay in the bed without causing any issues.


  • Looking for an affordable solution to all of those issues with your mattress?

Hybrid mattresses can be an excellent pick, regardless of how you sleep. Since you are allowed to choose from a variety of firmness levels, choosing a hybrid mattress with medium level firmness can provide excellent pressure relief. Moreover, hybrid mattresses create a sleeping environment similar to traditional beds because of its innerspring and give additional support to the user. The hybrid design is quite responsive; you won’t get the sinking in the feeling while sleeping and nither suffer in case of breathability. More consistent airflow also helps to reduce sweating and prevents the likelihood of skin breakdown.


These mattresses offer enhanced movement and pressure reduction with adjustable bed bases to any given area for an extended period, which is especially beneficial for patients. The memory foam layer also provides shock absorption, which allows the patients to feel no pressure on an injured area for too long.


However, highly-dense latex mattress offers more excellent support for lower back pain in addition to allowing hot sleepers to stay cool on the night. It is highly durable yet flexible enough to work with adjustable frames. Therefore, organic latex mattresses are regarded as uniquely responsive, and couples often end up commenting about how their romance had an extra bounce due to its springy responsiveness.


Concluding Remarks

Everyone expects a sound sleep when they go to bed and sleeping is an indispensable part of our daily life. Hence, a mattress should relieve all our stress and allow us to relax while we reach there after a long day. So consider how you sleep, your body temperature, and preferences if you sleep with a partner. I wish you all the best in finding the absolute solution.


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