The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

There are not too many alternatives, aside from cotton whenever you consider buying a new bed sheet. But the scenes are quickly changing nowadays. Bamboo bed sheets are entering into the scene as an alternative for cotton sheets with its breathable, smooth, lightweight, and eco-friendly features.


Previously, bamboo was known as a well-rounded high-quality material for the kitchen, bathroom, and general household items. However, now it is also recognized as a better fabric than cotton, which is eco-friendly too. The Malouf bamboo sheets are super soft plus comfortable, and they can be used in any season. Although it's very affordable, versatile and packed with loads of edges, bamboo bed sheets made from Malouf rayon fiber can make your sleep a treat with its luxurious feel of imported silk. Therefore, many people have switched, especially towards Malouf bed sheets from cotton sheets. So let's not waste your time anymore, here's why you should consider Bamboo bed sheets:


  1. Extremely Durable

One of the most notable differences between bamboo and cotton is the sturdiness of bamboo sheets. This feature is extremely beneficial if you put your bed sheet on heavy wash or if your bed sheet goes through roughhousing moments. For example, if your kids jump on the bed too often. In terms of sturdiness, bamboo sheets have the edge over cotton sheets.


The secret behind this edge is that cotton and other fabric sheets include short threads interwoven together and is prone to tears and wears. In contrast, Malouf bamboo sheets stretch long fibers across the bedsheet, which gives it much stronger protection against tears and wears. As it is naturally resistant to stain, bamboo bed sheets don’t absorb oils from your skin, making certain that your sheets won’t turn dull. Therefore, bamboo bed sheets manage to look new for years to come!

  1. Super-soft Feel

Having a supremely soft and comfortable bed sheet is always lovely, and Malouf bamboo sheets are among the few fabrics which provide such silky-soft feel. Some popular type of cotton, such as the Egyptian cotton is highly coveted for its luxuriously soft feel. However, bamboo still has the edge in terms of softness because of its density and breathability, although it's much less expensive. 300-thread-count bamboo textile is almost equally soft as 1000-thread count cotton in addition to being sturdy as a brick!


As a soft, sturdy, and less expensive option than cotton, bamboo sheets provide the best comfort and nights sleep. Hence, they are one amongst the most effective selections for your sensitive-skinned kids.

  1. Highly Resistant to Stains and Stays Clean

The stain-resistant feature is another exceptional characteristic of Malouf bamboo sheets. Most of the people have the desire to sleep in a comfortable, soft, warm bed. People usually feel disturbed if the bed is not clean.


The ability to reject oil of our body, moisture-wicking in combination with dense fibers and antimicrobial properties results into a piece of cloth which stays clean no matter what. Bamboo is, of course, antibacterial drug and antifungal, which makes the bed a germ repellent zone. Most of the people come into the bed with at least some sweat and dust. Since bamboo is resistant to body oils or dirt, we can be assured that it stays clean regardless of these.


Thus, Malouf bamboo sheets can hold it’s silken look for several years which isn’t required to be clean with any aggressive chemicals such as bleach.


  1. Outstanding Microbial Resistance

Another crucial reason to make a switch to the bamboo sheet is its outstanding Microbial Resistance. As per studies, viscose rayon and regenerated bamboo is over three times more efficient in striving against bacterial colonies. Moreover, bamboo sheets are traditionally counteractive to insects such as dust mites and remarkably hypoallergenic. Regardless of using your bamboo sheet tirelessly, it will remain new and fresh while you won’t notice any mold or mildew. Therefore, Malouf bamboo sheet is one amongst the foremost hygienical types of bedding offered for whoever suffers from allergies.

  1. Extremely Breathable

Sleeping during the hard summer nights is extremely challenging. Cotton sheets usually hold little air pockets which do not allow the heat to escape. However, the bamboo bed sheets offer superb temperature regulation and is extremely breathable. Unless the internal temperature of your house is abnormal, you will have no concern about sleeping comfortably even in these terrific nights with the breathability bamboo sheets offer. With the thermo-regulating and breathable features, bamboo bed sheets have become the perfect choice for year-round bedding.

  1. Accepts Natural and Organic Dyes

Another reason people love about bamboo sheet is that it accepts natural and organic dyes. Regardless of how you wash your bamboo sheet, you will never have to agonize concerning your color attenuation or running away with time. Moreover, the manufacturers also love the fact of how quickly the material is colored while operating with bamboo fabrics. The thrill of the color of bamboo sheets and bedding is unimaginable!

  1. Bamboo Grows Faster

Bamboo doesn't require or require little pesticides and grows sort of weed in many environments. It can be found commonly in Southeast Asia, Northern Australia, the Southeast U.S, and Sub-Saharan Africa region and is one of the largest supply of the sturdy hardwood. Once it's planted, it initiates to spread rapidly on the ground as its roots start spreading widely under the ground. This expansion has a positive impact on the soil, too; it strengthens and fortifies the soil. Amazing! Isn't it?

  1. Uses Less Water

Since water is becoming more and more polluted and limited day by day, using eco-friendly and less water consuming element can make a lot of difference. When put next to other similar materials, bamboo needs 30% less water to grow to allow us to use water for even essential purposes.


  1. Natural Component

Malouf bamboo sheets are organic, which means it is not treated with any toxic chemicals. Analogous to hemp or flax linen, authentic bamboo linens are a fiber which is extracted from bamboo and does not have any negative impact on our environment.

  1. No or Fewer Pesticides

Most of the people mistake bamboo as a tree while its a sort of grass. Therefore, bamboo doesn't require or requires fewer pesticides. That means this planet has a less negative impact on our beloved earth in terms of chemical pollution. Since it doesn't require pesticides, it doesn't have to be reduced using harsh chemicals in order to stop pesticides from polluting our soil, waterways, food, and fabrics. Thus, we can contribute to our planet when we choose an eco-friendly component like a bamboo bed sheet.


Concluding Remarks

The Malouf bamboo sheets possess the same comfort and luxury on a par with the Egyptian cotton while being a more sturdy, eco-friendly, and less expensive option. Hence, it may be a better option in order to ditch the cotton sheets for a far more noticeably comfortable sleep.

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