Why You Should Buy A CertiPUR-US Certified Mattress?

Why You Should Buy A CertiPUR-US Certified Mattress?

Nowadays, people only look at the features and price tags of a product while completely ignoring the quality and safety of the product. They often forget that a product may malfunction or cause harm to them if its components are bellow standard or if it wasn’t designed properly. If you buy a product, you know that its primary target is to make your life easier rather than causing harm to you or your family. Product certification is the only way to tell if a product is reliable or not among the massive list of the product that we are offered. While uncertified products are likely to be made from sub-standard or bellow standard components, product certification ensures the elements of a product are standard in quality. It also assures us regarding various health, safety, manufacturing quality issues. The CertiPUR-US certification is no different, Foam companies and chemical lobbyist created CertiPur to strive against cheaper polyurethane foams, which caused many health and safety issues among the customers.


  • What is CertiPUR-US?

Earlier in the article, you learned about the purpose of creating CertiPUR. To clarify the reason more, you need to know that most of the cheaper polyurethane foams are manufactured and exported throughout the world by China. Therefore, foam companies in the USA created CertPUR-US to help them stand out from Chinese shippers.


Among thousands of different brands, models, and designs, choosing a quality foam product may become remarkably exhausting. The CertiPUR-US certification method allows consumers to buy high-quality resilient polyurethane foam products, including mattresses. The CertPUR-US certification is given only after the products has gone through precise experiment and investigation by independent, authorized non-profit organizations. That is why you can be assured that your mattress fits the best CertiPUR-US standards for emissions, durability, and content.


Characteristics of a CertiPUR-US Foam are as bellow:

  1. Low VOC Emissions for air quality indoor
  2. No use of Ozone Depleters
  3. No use of prohibited phthalate
  4. No formaldehyde
  5. Made without heavy metals, mercury or lead
  6. No fire or flame retardants used

These characteristics have been classified as the approved polyurethane foams by top ecologists, chemists, and research specialists in authorized laboratories. The CertiPUR-US certification is on a per with some other world-class certification processes such as LGA(Germany), Eco-label(EU), OkoTex 100 (Class IV Mattress) EUI, etc. The CertiPUR-US testing program also allows testing and modifications guidelines to follow the most recent scientific findings in addition to health, environment, and safety regulations. Let me explain how the CertiPUR-US characteristics can solve the health and safety issues related to polyurethane foams:


  1. Low VOC Emissions for Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has been recognized as one of the crucial environmental health risks by EPA. Gasses from solids and liquids release chemicals named VOC, aka Volatile Organic Compound, which causes air pollution. The air pollution presents short and long term health risks to the human body. Polyurethane foams are very commonly accused of releasing these VOCs into the indoor air. These chemicals gassed out in the atmosphere from your homes polyurethane foams can remain trapped in any part of your home. It can cause headache, liver and kidney damage, nausea, nose, eye, and throat irritation, coordination loss, and central nervous. Hence, you should try to avoid them by using a Low VOC Emission foam for indoor air quality.


  1. No use of Ozone Depleters

The ozone layer plays a crucial role in our planets upper atmosphere. It prevents our beautiful world from the radiant energy of the sun. The use of chlorofluorocarbons(which is known as an ozone-depleting substance) on polyurethane foams causes ozone depletion. Therefore, the Montreal protocol(Adopted in 1987) urged industries to eliminate the use of chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs). Although many of the foam manufacturers still use chlorofluorocarbons, the US foam manufacturers have met the command as directed by CertiPUR-US.


  1. No Use of Prohibited Phthalate

Some consumer goods principally involve phthalates as a softening agent, which is potentially dangerous to your health. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act forbade the use of seven specified phthalates on child-care items and toys in 2009. To go beyond the act, CertiPUR-US asked a complete laboratory report of foam extractions and dismissed the usage of phthalates on certified foams.


  1. No Formaldehyde

Likewise, the VOC’s, Formaldehyde is also considered as a reason for poor indoor air quality. Thus, using raw formaldehyde is prohibited in CertiPUR-US certified foams. CertiPUR-US accredited foams have to go into a small chamber emission test to ensure that no Formaldehyde was used for manufacturing the foam.


  1. Made Without Heavy Metals, Mercury or Lead

Heavy metals are high-density metallic elements compared to water, which presents a threat to human health and the environment. It's not a common component for foam manufacturing, but it is commonly found in food and home(e.g., Mercury in fish, children's toys) which makes it a concern for the whole heavy metal group. However, CertiPUR-US laboratory experimentation is able to trace any heavy metal content, and you can be assured that CertiPUR-US foams are absolutely free of heavy metals, mercury or lead.


  1. No Fire or Flame Retardants Used

Earlier, polyurethane foams used to contain polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs) in order to meet specific flammability requirements of the state. Evidence shows that long term exposer to flame retardants can lead to cancer, genetic defects, or fertility damage. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U.S. has banned the use of these fire retardants in 2005. Therefore, these flame retardants such as PBDEs, TCEP (“Tris”) or TDCPP cannot be used in certified foams.


  • Qualified for Environment and Tested Performance

All of these exceptional characteristics prove that CertiPUR-US foams are Qualified for Environment, and you will be even more amazed that all of the CertiPUR-US certified foams performance has to be recertified six months after being certified. The process does not stop there too; each of the foams is annually tested regardless of CertiPUR-US administrators random verification checks.


Concluding Remarks

The impressive CertiPUR-US certification means that you are buying the best possible mattress with confidence, including the standards equivalent to our brand. You can be relieved that our mattress won’t cause any harm to you and your family or the environment. Instead, it will provide peaceful nights sleep in the shape of a remarkably affordable mattress!

  • Eric Blackmon
What to consider while purchasing the right mattress

What to consider while purchasing the right mattress

Nowadays, A considerable number of people are suffering from sleep disorders because of physical or environmental factors. But would you allow these factors to affect both your physical and mental health, knowing how essential your sleep is for your next day effectiveness? You might have spent countless hours to find the best mattress for sleeping. Did that help? If your answer is negative, let me guide you through some essential factors which are preventing you from having a peaceful sleep you wish to have every night.


  • Is Your Mattress Creating Problems?

Since our body consists of curves and joints, flat mattresses may provide too much pressure on these areas, causing hot spots & joint pain in the morning. Some mattress designs can completely contour your body, provide inadequate support, and force your muscles to work for a healthy posture. If you think your mattress is creating the issue, you can stretch 15 minutes after you wake up. If stretching reduces your pain, your mattress is the problem! Furthermore, back sleepers may find like their back is attacking them and side/stomach sleepers may face spine issue if the mattress is too firm. So what is the key to avoiding such situations? Choosing a mattress which provides medium firmness. It will allow your body to be in a relaxed posture, and you won't have to worry about getting pressure on your curves or joints on a medium-firm mattress.


  • Mattress Too Hot or Too Cold?

The initial drop of your body temperature at night helps you to feel tired and sleepy while getting too hot or cold can hinder your brain-refreshing slow-wave slumber. Sleeping too cold can cause arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms. In contrast, sleeping too hot can cause uncomfortable sweating, tossing and turning, and disrupted sleep! Also, note that one's individual metabolism and preferences can also make a bed feel too hot or cold for sleeping.


The national sleep foundation recommends having your thermostat on 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit temperature regardless of having or not having a partner who is adding body heat to the mix.


Each mattress differs in breathability. However, other factors include how it was constructed, materials used in it, and even the base of the foundation play a significant part in your comfortability. Typically, materials such as latex, foam, or memory foams used in mattress run reasonably hot.


In addition, the firmness of your mattress can also affect your sleeping temperature. Since a person usually sinks in the softer mattresses, airflow for the sleeping person gets restricted, and therefore, it results in a heat trap potential. In contrast, firmer mattresses provide excellent airflow for the sleeping person. Besides, highly conforming Tempur-pedic mattresses models present above-average heat trap potential because of their ability to mold around the sleeper.


Nonetheless, couples can find it challenging to come to a conclusion on a mattress since the temperature is highly dependent upon one's natural body metabolism. Moreover, human bodies experience different temperatures at different times. These fluctuations mean that one might find something cold at 10 PM and find the same thing hot at 10 AM!


However, some mattress manufacturers are making multiple layered mattresses which improve the sleepers breathability and also allows the sleeper to sleep warm at the same time.


  • Does Your Mattress Provide Good Support?


Many people intertwine the support and firmness of mattresses together, but they are two different things. Often people think that firmer mattresses will provide more exceptional support and softer mattresses will not. That’s not the case because softer mattresses can provide adequate support too.


A quality mattress will keep your head, shoulders, heels, buttocks, and spine in proper alignment. If your mattress is too firm, it will take you out of your neutral alignment as a result of pushing on those key pressure points. In contrast, your whole body could flop back on too soft mattresses since it may not be able to contain those pressure points. Both of the situations could lead to lower back pain, shoulder pain, etc.


  • Is your mattress designed for your comfort?

The ideal solution is to find a mattress that supports your body in a neutral position. Your head, shoulders, heels, buttocks need to be in proper alignment, and your spine should have a gentle curvature overall.


To get the right mattress, you need to find one which is firm as well as comfortable. Your body type, weight, material preferences, etc. are some of the decisive factors to consider while you are looking for firmness in a mattress. However, you might want to explore universal comfort mattresses that were designed by several online mattress companies. Usually, these mattresses offer only one level of comfort, but a variety of people can also find these mattresses comfortable because of the structure and layered design of their foam. This makes these foams extremely beneficial for couples who prefer different firmness on the mattress.


The universal comfort mattresses are available at balanced comfort levels between four to seven(4-7) out of Ten. Universal comfort mattresses coincide with these numbers as the average firmness level for most sleepers. If you are not sure about these universal comfort mattresses, or if you prefer a different firmness level(1-3 or 8-10), you may have to consider some other options.


  • Does Your Mattress Provide Proper Pressure Relief?

If you are using a pressure relief mattress, you already know how essential it is for your prolonged bed rest. Bed-rested patients, to be more specific, those who are unable to move slightly or at all, remain at high risk for decubitus ulcers aka bedsores. Using a pressure relief mattress act as a precaution against this small ulcer and prevents it from becoming blisters or infected wounds. Without this precaution, one may ultimately face tissue death in affected areas.


In the extended period of immobility, stretching and bending of blood vessels causes pressure ulcers. Additionally, the friction of mattress against the skin, pinching, and constriction of blood vessels at pressure spots leads to lack of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Hence, it causes pressure ulcers.  These patients require a special mattress with superior comfort and support which allows them to stay in the bed without causing any issues.


  • Looking for an affordable solution to all of those issues with your mattress?

Hybrid mattresses can be an excellent pick, regardless of how you sleep. Since you are allowed to choose from a variety of firmness levels, choosing a hybrid mattress with medium level firmness can provide excellent pressure relief. Moreover, hybrid mattresses create a sleeping environment similar to traditional beds because of its innerspring and give additional support to the user. The hybrid design is quite responsive; you won’t get the sinking in the feeling while sleeping and nither suffer in case of breathability. More consistent airflow also helps to reduce sweating and prevents the likelihood of skin breakdown.


These mattresses offer enhanced movement and pressure reduction with adjustable bed bases to any given area for an extended period, which is especially beneficial for patients. The memory foam layer also provides shock absorption, which allows the patients to feel no pressure on an injured area for too long.


However, highly-dense latex mattress offers more excellent support for lower back pain in addition to allowing hot sleepers to stay cool on the night. It is highly durable yet flexible enough to work with adjustable frames. Therefore, organic latex mattresses are regarded as uniquely responsive, and couples often end up commenting about how their romance had an extra bounce due to its springy responsiveness.


Concluding Remarks

Everyone expects a sound sleep when they go to bed and sleeping is an indispensable part of our daily life. Hence, a mattress should relieve all our stress and allow us to relax while we reach there after a long day. So consider how you sleep, your body temperature, and preferences if you sleep with a partner. I wish you all the best in finding the absolute solution.


  • Eric Blackmon
The Difference Between Memory Foams and Latex Foams

The Difference Between Memory Foams and Latex Foams

The Differences Between Memory Foams and Latex Foams


A challenging job is deciding on something which you will spend one-third of your life. Among eight different types, infinite brands and numerous designs of mattresses, choosing yours becomes an even more difficult task. But the job might be a bit easier if you know what materials have been used to manufacture a mattress since the bed’s composition often decides what kind of experience the sleeper will get while laying on it. Besides, several performance factors such as durability, bed temperature, conforming ability, and odor potential also depend on the materials that were used to manufacture the mattress. People often face a dilemma when choosing between a latex mattress and memory foam mattress, and in-depth analysis can help them to choose the right kind. After reading the article, you will know what benefits these mattresses can offer and what kind of mattress is the right one to choose.


  • Memory Foam

In 1960, the NASA scientists developed memory foam made of chemical-based polyurethane to protect their pilots during crashes. Now, the formula is massively used to craft memory foam mattresses. It provides superb comfort as well as support, especially for side sleepers, because of its ability to conform to the body. Moreover, it offers excellent blood circulation and pressure relief. However, the use of some harsh chemical also links it to various health dangers such as itching eyes, headaches, and respiratory issues.


  • Latex

Unlike memory foams, latex is a purely natural, healthy, and eco-friendly material if you want an all-natural option. After being extracted from the sap of the rubber trees, a formulation method results in latex. However, there are two ways of how latex is processed, one is the Dunlop method, and another is Talalay. The Dunlop method is known to produce natural latex while the other one produces partially or entirely synthetic latex, exclusively acquired from chemicals. In contrast to memory foams, latex foams are firm as the more natural the material is, the denser the mattress will become. Besides, organic latex mattresses are highly durable.


  • Differences Between Memory Foams and Latex:

As you know, both kinds of mattresses are made of different type of materials, and they both possess different characteristics. So I have divided their features and various relatable pieces of information into ten different categories, which are:


  1. Material

Memory foam mattresses are manufactured from polyurethane formed with various chemicals. The polyurethane is operated with petrochemicals to obtain the foam remarkably dense and force-absorbing. Note that, typical memory foams are never a 100 percent memory foam. If it were, you would sink too much on its surface.


On the other hand, latex is made from a rather natural component. The sap of the rubber tree is compounded, shaped, and baked. Alternatively, It can be frozen and baked after removing oxygen to produce latex. Although it is possible to use chemical fillers to formulate latex, it must contain at least 95% raw latex to be titled as “Natural Latex.” However, blended latex or synthetic latex may not contain that much of raw latex.

  1. Conforming Ability

Due to containing a high amount of raw latex, a latex mattress may not conform to your body. Instead, it may tend to bounce and push you back against your weight. Generally, the latex mattress can only adapt to slight moves of your body. It means if you or your partner move too much while on the bed, you might have issues on your peaceful sleep.


On the contrary, Memory foam can conform to your body curves perfectly, that makes it an exceptional bed for lessening motion transfer effects while you sleep. It means that your sleep won’t be disturbed if your partner is moving. The memory foam mattress hugs your body deeply and presents a softer feel compared to a latex mattress.

  1. Support

Both latex and memory foam mattress are understood to provide fabulous support to the sleeper. However, softer memory foams are very likely to sink while you sleep, which may cause slight support issue. However, medium-firm or firm memory foam mattress can provide excellent support. You should also consider the fact that memory foam mattress may lose the firmness over time. In contrast, the latex mattress is more durable and is excellently firm. It tends to push the sleeper against their weight and provides more comprehensive support for the sleeper for a long time.

  1. Sleeping Temperature

The latex mattress is exquisitely cooler given its holes allow for the air to flow throughout the body evenly. If you tend to sleep hot, there isn’t a better option than latex mattresses.


On the contrary, memory foams are historically known to cause the sleeper to sleep hot. Its body-hugging attributes and closed-cell structure creates a heat trap. However, some manufacturers addressed the issue with additional cooling gel layers and different air-conditioning features.

  1. Pressure Relief

This option is beneficial for those who are tied to the bed for an extended period. Frequently, patients often suffer less blood and skin tissue circulation, which influences bed soreness. The memory foams conforming ability can reduce this pain by a large margin. However, latex mattress with Talalay layer can also lighten these aches. Dunlop layer, on the contrary, isn’t known to alleviate this soreness much.


  1. Responsiveness

The existence of raw latex makes latex mattresses excellently responsive. Thus, the bouncy nature of latex matress provides excellent fun, especially while having sex.


On the other hand, the excessive sinking of memory foam and confined responsiveness can result in your fun to be limited.

  1. Durability

Latex’s inherent capability to resist sagging and indentations, allows the mattress to last for up to ten years. In addition, latex mattress’s detachable layers also will enable the user to replace it if required.


The memory foam mattress is less durable in comparison with latex mattresses. The denser the memory foam is, the longer-lasting it will be. Its durability can also depend on the quality of the foam.

  1. Eco-friendliness

As explained earlier, the latex mattress is made from entirely natural materials, which makes it eco-friendly. In comparison, memory foams are constructed with chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

  1. Price

Price is a crucial factor regardless of what you want to buy. The latex mattress is very costly in comparison to a memory foam mattress. The average price of the industry-standard queen-sized memory foam is about $1000 while the same sized latex mattress is sold for about $1900. This comparison makes memory foam a more affordable option for anyone.

  1. Healthiness

In addition to being an eco-friendly mattress, latex is also famous among health-concerned peoples. Since it’s made from entirely natural components, it’s altogether hypoallergenic plus naturally repellent to mold, or dust mites. The memory foams, on the contrary, are known for releasing volatile organic compounds(VOC) which may trigger allergies.


However, many manufacturers solved the issue by applying low-VOC emissions for mattresses as supervised by CertiPUR-US. Hence, you can by CertiPUR-US accredited foams to avoid this issue.

  • Is There A Neutral Option Between Memory Foam and latex Mattress?

The answer is yes, a hybrid latex mattress is a neutral option which offers a balanced sleeping experience. The hybrid latex mattress is drawn from the components of memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattress. The typical components of a hybrid latex mattress is:


  1. Steel Support Coil System: reduces motion transfer on a hybrid latex mattress which was caused by hurling or turning.
  2. Comfort Layers Comprised of Memory Foam or Latex: provides all sorts of support and comfortability that both types of the mattress offer.
  3. Cooling Gel Layers: provides ultimate conditioning to slow down body warmth after you reach your bed.
  4. Pillow Top for Additional Cushioning: provides additional support for sleeping.

The right combination of materials used in the hybrid latex mattress ensures that the sleepers can enjoy most of the benefits that latex or memory foams may offer. Hence, consumers can choose a hybrid latex mattress if they are looking for a neutral option between memory foam or latex mattress.

  • Eric Blackmon
The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

There are not too many alternatives, aside from cotton whenever you consider buying a new bed sheet. But the scenes are quickly changing nowadays. Bamboo bed sheets are entering into the scene as an alternative for cotton sheets with its breathable, smooth, lightweight, and eco-friendly features.


Previously, bamboo was known as a well-rounded high-quality material for the kitchen, bathroom, and general household items. However, now it is also recognized as a better fabric than cotton, which is eco-friendly too. The Malouf bamboo sheets are super soft plus comfortable, and they can be used in any season. Although it's very affordable, versatile and packed with loads of edges, bamboo bed sheets made from Malouf rayon fiber can make your sleep a treat with its luxurious feel of imported silk. Therefore, many people have switched, especially towards Malouf bed sheets from cotton sheets. So let's not waste your time anymore, here's why you should consider Bamboo bed sheets:


  1. Extremely Durable

One of the most notable differences between bamboo and cotton is the sturdiness of bamboo sheets. This feature is extremely beneficial if you put your bed sheet on heavy wash or if your bed sheet goes through roughhousing moments. For example, if your kids jump on the bed too often. In terms of sturdiness, bamboo sheets have the edge over cotton sheets.


The secret behind this edge is that cotton and other fabric sheets include short threads interwoven together and is prone to tears and wears. In contrast, Malouf bamboo sheets stretch long fibers across the bedsheet, which gives it much stronger protection against tears and wears. As it is naturally resistant to stain, bamboo bed sheets don’t absorb oils from your skin, making certain that your sheets won’t turn dull. Therefore, bamboo bed sheets manage to look new for years to come!

  1. Super-soft Feel

Having a supremely soft and comfortable bed sheet is always lovely, and Malouf bamboo sheets are among the few fabrics which provide such silky-soft feel. Some popular type of cotton, such as the Egyptian cotton is highly coveted for its luxuriously soft feel. However, bamboo still has the edge in terms of softness because of its density and breathability, although it's much less expensive. 300-thread-count bamboo textile is almost equally soft as 1000-thread count cotton in addition to being sturdy as a brick!


As a soft, sturdy, and less expensive option than cotton, bamboo sheets provide the best comfort and nights sleep. Hence, they are one amongst the most effective selections for your sensitive-skinned kids.

  1. Highly Resistant to Stains and Stays Clean

The stain-resistant feature is another exceptional characteristic of Malouf bamboo sheets. Most of the people have the desire to sleep in a comfortable, soft, warm bed. People usually feel disturbed if the bed is not clean.


The ability to reject oil of our body, moisture-wicking in combination with dense fibers and antimicrobial properties results into a piece of cloth which stays clean no matter what. Bamboo is, of course, antibacterial drug and antifungal, which makes the bed a germ repellent zone. Most of the people come into the bed with at least some sweat and dust. Since bamboo is resistant to body oils or dirt, we can be assured that it stays clean regardless of these.


Thus, Malouf bamboo sheets can hold it’s silken look for several years which isn’t required to be clean with any aggressive chemicals such as bleach.


  1. Outstanding Microbial Resistance

Another crucial reason to make a switch to the bamboo sheet is its outstanding Microbial Resistance. As per studies, viscose rayon and regenerated bamboo is over three times more efficient in striving against bacterial colonies. Moreover, bamboo sheets are traditionally counteractive to insects such as dust mites and remarkably hypoallergenic. Regardless of using your bamboo sheet tirelessly, it will remain new and fresh while you won’t notice any mold or mildew. Therefore, Malouf bamboo sheet is one amongst the foremost hygienical types of bedding offered for whoever suffers from allergies.

  1. Extremely Breathable

Sleeping during the hard summer nights is extremely challenging. Cotton sheets usually hold little air pockets which do not allow the heat to escape. However, the bamboo bed sheets offer superb temperature regulation and is extremely breathable. Unless the internal temperature of your house is abnormal, you will have no concern about sleeping comfortably even in these terrific nights with the breathability bamboo sheets offer. With the thermo-regulating and breathable features, bamboo bed sheets have become the perfect choice for year-round bedding.

  1. Accepts Natural and Organic Dyes

Another reason people love about bamboo sheet is that it accepts natural and organic dyes. Regardless of how you wash your bamboo sheet, you will never have to agonize concerning your color attenuation or running away with time. Moreover, the manufacturers also love the fact of how quickly the material is colored while operating with bamboo fabrics. The thrill of the color of bamboo sheets and bedding is unimaginable!

  1. Bamboo Grows Faster

Bamboo doesn't require or require little pesticides and grows sort of weed in many environments. It can be found commonly in Southeast Asia, Northern Australia, the Southeast U.S, and Sub-Saharan Africa region and is one of the largest supply of the sturdy hardwood. Once it's planted, it initiates to spread rapidly on the ground as its roots start spreading widely under the ground. This expansion has a positive impact on the soil, too; it strengthens and fortifies the soil. Amazing! Isn't it?

  1. Uses Less Water

Since water is becoming more and more polluted and limited day by day, using eco-friendly and less water consuming element can make a lot of difference. When put next to other similar materials, bamboo needs 30% less water to grow to allow us to use water for even essential purposes.


  1. Natural Component

Malouf bamboo sheets are organic, which means it is not treated with any toxic chemicals. Analogous to hemp or flax linen, authentic bamboo linens are a fiber which is extracted from bamboo and does not have any negative impact on our environment.

  1. No or Fewer Pesticides

Most of the people mistake bamboo as a tree while its a sort of grass. Therefore, bamboo doesn't require or requires fewer pesticides. That means this planet has a less negative impact on our beloved earth in terms of chemical pollution. Since it doesn't require pesticides, it doesn't have to be reduced using harsh chemicals in order to stop pesticides from polluting our soil, waterways, food, and fabrics. Thus, we can contribute to our planet when we choose an eco-friendly component like a bamboo bed sheet.


Concluding Remarks

The Malouf bamboo sheets possess the same comfort and luxury on a par with the Egyptian cotton while being a more sturdy, eco-friendly, and less expensive option. Hence, it may be a better option in order to ditch the cotton sheets for a far more noticeably comfortable sleep.

  • Eric Blackmon
Health Benefits of adjustable bed bases

Health Benefits of adjustable bed bases

Adjustable bed bases are very commonly used for its unique features and benefits in most hospitals and clinics. But the technology and its benefits are no longer limited to “hospitals and medicare only.” Now its entirely possible to use an ergonomic adjustable bed base directly on your bedroom and enjoy the same benefits that you receive in a hospital. An adjustable bed base works just like it sounds, and it allows you to elevate any part of the frame instantly. This unique feature takes the pressure off your legs or upper body and helps in various physical issues such as alleviating chronic back pain, nerve problems, and many more!


Now, you wouldn’t want to end up tossing, turning, and snoring all night. Instead, you would be more interested in enriching your sleep quality in all possible ways because sleeping holds at least that much importance your life. Since adjustable bed bases come with so many features, designs, selections, and most importantly, a lot of health benefits, it is a highly recommended option. Hence, here are some health benefits that an adjustable bed base brings into your life:


  1. Enhance Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is an important process for our body. If your blood circulation is not at its prime condition, you may end up tossing all night to find a better sleeping position and wake up with some discomfort if you didn’t manage to do that. However, the ergonomically adjustable base enables you to fine-tune your sleep positions which eventually reduces pressure, allowing for blood circulation throughout your body. Besides, most doctors prescribe patients with specific circulation issues to use an adjustable bed base because it will enable the mattress to be positioned to a suggested level to boost the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

  1. Reduce Leg Swelling

Swollen legs is a prime issue for many Americans, including acute kidney patients and pregnant women. According to experts, laying flat is the top reason that causes swollen legs which gives you sleepless nights and achy mornings. If you lay flat for a long time, it will let fluids to pool and eventually increase swelling and inflammation, leading to even more pain. Therefore, they recommend raising your legs a bit while you sleep, which can be made easy by an adjustable bed base. It is possible to elevate your legs to a more comfortable position that reduces leg swelling.


Furthermore, the leg raising feature of the adjustable base is an excellent resting option after you arrive home on your feet.

  1. Relieve Asthma and Sleep Apnea

If you face breathing problems while sleeping, you will find it hard to get a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. This happens when you lay flat because the natural flow of Oxygen gets restricted. Hence, it leads to an asthma attack. Likewise, the obstructed airflow into your nasal passage turns your sleep into a nightmare, causing sleep apnea.

As mentioned earlier, the adjustable base can help you in these conditions by allowing you to lift your head and let you sleep in a more angled position in addition to reducing obstruction from your nasal passage. It will make the airflow into your nasal passage more regular while you enjoy a healthier, uninterrupted sleep and relief from asthma and sleep apnea. Moreover, when you sleep with your head lifted, sinus pressure will be naturally relieved.

  1. Reduce Back Pain

Most back sleepers know how awesome it would be if they could give their back a surface to sleep which matches the body contours as closely as possible. Adjusting the mattress at both ends of your body will support the spine while alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve, and you will be able to sleep in foremost comfort! Moreover, adjusting the mattress can improve painful conditions like sciatica obtained from the nerve confined in the spine’s base. Placing the head above your body relieves compression and reduce lower back pain. Furthermore, you don’t need to use multiple pillows to prevent neckaches since the adjustable bed base provides a well-supportive platform for your neck. Lastly, raising the foot takes off un-needed pressure that affects the spine by allowing for knees to be bent, and legs to levitate.

  1. Less Snoring

Snoring occurs when airflow gets obstructed while you lay flat. Its because your nasal passage airways don’t open entirely when you lay flat which eventually causes snoring. As it was mentioned earlier in this article, the adjustable bed base allows you to sleep in a more upright position so that your nasal passage doesn’t get affected even when you are sleeping. Thus, you will enjoy improved sleep quality and reduce snoring with the help of natural airflow into your nasal passage.

  1. Solve Insomnia

Multiple reasons may cause insomnia. It may be a pain, anxiety, or a weak sleeping position. You already found out that an adjustable bed base can solve some pain issues. But if your inability to finding a perfect sleeping position is causing insomnia, then the adjustable bed base can answer that too! The adjustable bed base can offer numerous sleeping position choices so that you can find the perfect one for yourself. By improving blood circulation throughout your veins and allowing more excellent airflow, the adjustable bed base can be tagged as the ideal option if you want to fall asleep faster.

  1. Improve Digestion

Did you know that your body process most of the food you ate while you sleep? It's true. Your body may rest, but the digestion system in your body doesn't. There have been concerns about laying flat which causes hindrance on the body's ability to process food. With the help of an adjustable bed, you can lift your head to a recommended 6-inch upright position to prevent you from retaining gas in your stomach and keep you comfortable for the whole night.

  1. Helps People With Limited Mobility

At a particular stage of your life, you may encounter mobility issues. Be it an illness, disability, age, or accident; you may find it especially hard to get out of the bed. The adjustable bed base can be perfect assistance that you will require in mobility issues. You can simply lift your chest and shoulder first while getting in or out of bed.


Concluding Remarks

The adjustable bed base has enormous health benefits and brings a lot of comfortable features into your lifestyle. You can’t ignore the enriched sleeping experience and health benefits of an adjustable bed base. Therefore, you can surely consider the adjustable bed base as one of the best lifestyle enhancement options.

  • Eric Blackmon
10 Ways Your Mattress Can Affect Your Health Negatively and How to Prevent it

10 Ways Your Mattress Can Affect Your Health Negatively and How to Prevent it

Sleeping is a crucial part of our daily life. There is no better feeling than hitting your pillow after a long, tiring day and sleeping well to wake up feeling refreshed. Bed mattresses are designed to help people to get a solid seven to nine-hour of fantastic rest and have an excellent day after waking up fully restored. However, sometimes, a bad mattress can negatively affect your health.


Reportedly, over 90 percent of people know the importance of a high-quality mattress for sleeping, according to The National Sleep Foundation. But most of them show a lack of interest in buying a new mattress just because of the price tag on it. But do you know that a poor mattress can do a lot more damage than just leaving you tossing and turning throughout the night? A poor mattress can cause very unpleasant diseases such as chronic back pain, allergies, aging, weight gain, etc. Here is what science has discovered as common mattress diseases:


  1. Back Pain

Although there are tons of reasons why people suffer from backache, Low-quality bed mattresses are very commonly identified as a primary reason for causing it. Your spine has some natural curves, and your mattress should provide adequate support for it. But sometimes you don't find that assistance when you are struggling on your bed to find a comfortable posture for your body. Any awkward push or pull on your spine due to a poor mattress could put pressure on your connecting ligaments and tendons, resulting in chronic back pain. Furthermore, the pain presents more discomfort and exhaustion over time since it will only increase in your old mattress.


This happens mostly because your old mattress begins to wear out after a particular time. Therefore, it starts to sag in the middle, and you end up sleeping in an awkwardly curved bed instead of sleeping on a flat surface.

  1. Neck Pain

Unquestionably, your pillow plays a pivotal part in causing neck pain. However, your mattress can also play a role in the connection of your head with your body. Since your spine connects your body to your head, a mattress with a ton of lumps or saggy parts can tip your head back or forward and cause discomfort. That's what ends up becoming neck pain. There is no alternative to using a mattress with no dips or bumps in this case. It is also recommended to use additional pillows to support your head and neck at night.

  1. Joint Pain

Commonly, firm mattresses are known for providing a good sleeping position. However, if your mattress is too firm, it can put added pressure on your shoulders, knees, hips, side, and back. An old or too firm mattress can generate additional pressure which prompt aches and pains in your joints.


The ideal solution is to change your mattress if you are suffering from pain in your neck, back or joints. Medical professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths often recommend latex mattresses to counteract these kind of pains because of its exceptional body pressure distribution properties. That is why the unique balance of proper support for your spine and soft comfortness for your joints and neck makes latex mattress an excellent choice.

  1. Allergies

Ordinarily, it is advised that you change your mattress every 6 to 8 years. Because after that time, the mattress itself becomes a breeding place for dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic creatures which eat the dead cells of your body sheds. WebMD reports that about 20 million Americans are allergic to bed bugs. If you are allergic to dust mites, it can trigger allergic reactions to your skin by causing eczema and develop respiratory conditions by making your throat sore and itchy. In addition to causing eczema and respiratory conditions, dust mites can also contribute to snoring.

  1. Mold and Fungus Infections

Although it sounds pretty nasty, but your toss and turns could release several fungal spores from ordinary mattresses into the air while you sleep at night. This happens especially in a humid bedroom with inadequate ventilation where several strains of mold and fungus can take shelter. You will be breathing in and out these mold and fungal spores, which triggers allergies and causes problems to your respiratory system, including serious lung infections.


Although you can opt for an allergy-proof sleep cover to help you to reduce the number of outbreaks, you can choose latex mattress as a long term solution. Latex mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites and it is known as the most durable of all mattress types available.

  1. Heart Issues

May sound very strange, but a poor mattress can also trigger heart conditions. Getting insufficient sleep or no sleep can elevate the risk of stroke and high blood pressure by a good margin. If you get insufficient sleep or suffer from insomnia, you have 48 percent more chances of developing a cardiac disease compared to those who sleep well, according to the European Heart Journal.


Hybrid mattresses can function superbly in order to make you sleep because their coil support system perfectly cradles your body. In addition, it contains additional cushioning along with cooling materials(such as gel) which slows down your body temperature while you go to bed.


  1. Overweight

Recent medical studies have found a connection between sleep duration and weight gain. The American Thoracic Society’s Annual Conference by Dr. Arn Eliasson shows that getting the right amount of sleep time can assist you in losing weight in your waistline. In contrast, other scientific evidence shows that people who sleep 7.5-8 hours weigh less and lose weight quickly. So lack of sleep due to your lousy mattress can promote your weight gain too.

  1. Memory Impairment

Proper sleep plays a crucial role in forming and preserving memories, while insufficient sleep can affect your brain patterns and lead to memory impairment. Besides, if you are sleep deprived, your brain may record events thoroughly, and you will not only fail to recall memories, but you will also fail to form new ones.


  1. Weakened Immune System

Insufficient sleep often weakens our immune system. Sleeping in your old mattress can frequently turn your sleep into nightmares, and it can lead to a weak immune system. A poor immune system gets trouble while fighting germs and makes you more prone to sickness and cold, including other illnesses.


  1. Premature Aging

If your mattress keeps you awake at night, it could affect your skin in both the short term and the long term. Research run by cosmetic company Estee Lauder on women’s sleep habits found that poor sleepers displayed exaggerated signs of skin aging, including fine lines, uneven pigmentation, and reduced skin elasticity. On the other hand, women who slept the soundest had the younger-looking skins.


Again, a hybrid mattress can be your rescue option to avoid most of the above situations considering it is known for making sleep extremely enjoyable.


Concluding Remarks

According to The International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health, we spend one-third of our life sleeping in our bed. Therefore, our bed mattress is supposed to provide us comfort and healthy sleep while we keep it for a long time. However, we should also keep it clean and usable by all means and say goodbye when it needs to be replaced.

  • Eric Blackmon