Health Benefits of adjustable bed bases

Health Benefits of adjustable bed bases

Adjustable bed bases are very commonly used for its unique features and benefits in most hospitals and clinics. But the technology and its benefits are no longer limited to “hospitals and medicare only.” Now its entirely possible to use an ergonomic adjustable bed base directly on your bedroom and enjoy the same benefits that you receive in a hospital. An adjustable bed base works just like it sounds, and it allows you to elevate any part of the frame instantly. This unique feature takes the pressure off your legs or upper body and helps in various physical issues such as alleviating chronic back pain, nerve problems, and many more!


Now, you wouldn’t want to end up tossing, turning, and snoring all night. Instead, you would be more interested in enriching your sleep quality in all possible ways because sleeping holds at least that much importance your life. Since adjustable bed bases come with so many features, designs, selections, and most importantly, a lot of health benefits, it is a highly recommended option. Hence, here are some health benefits that an adjustable bed base brings into your life:


  1. Enhance Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is an important process for our body. If your blood circulation is not at its prime condition, you may end up tossing all night to find a better sleeping position and wake up with some discomfort if you didn’t manage to do that. However, the ergonomically adjustable base enables you to fine-tune your sleep positions which eventually reduces pressure, allowing for blood circulation throughout your body. Besides, most doctors prescribe patients with specific circulation issues to use an adjustable bed base because it will enable the mattress to be positioned to a suggested level to boost the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

  1. Reduce Leg Swelling

Swollen legs is a prime issue for many Americans, including acute kidney patients and pregnant women. According to experts, laying flat is the top reason that causes swollen legs which gives you sleepless nights and achy mornings. If you lay flat for a long time, it will let fluids to pool and eventually increase swelling and inflammation, leading to even more pain. Therefore, they recommend raising your legs a bit while you sleep, which can be made easy by an adjustable bed base. It is possible to elevate your legs to a more comfortable position that reduces leg swelling.


Furthermore, the leg raising feature of the adjustable base is an excellent resting option after you arrive home on your feet.

  1. Relieve Asthma and Sleep Apnea

If you face breathing problems while sleeping, you will find it hard to get a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. This happens when you lay flat because the natural flow of Oxygen gets restricted. Hence, it leads to an asthma attack. Likewise, the obstructed airflow into your nasal passage turns your sleep into a nightmare, causing sleep apnea.

As mentioned earlier, the adjustable base can help you in these conditions by allowing you to lift your head and let you sleep in a more angled position in addition to reducing obstruction from your nasal passage. It will make the airflow into your nasal passage more regular while you enjoy a healthier, uninterrupted sleep and relief from asthma and sleep apnea. Moreover, when you sleep with your head lifted, sinus pressure will be naturally relieved.

  1. Reduce Back Pain

Most back sleepers know how awesome it would be if they could give their back a surface to sleep which matches the body contours as closely as possible. Adjusting the mattress at both ends of your body will support the spine while alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve, and you will be able to sleep in foremost comfort! Moreover, adjusting the mattress can improve painful conditions like sciatica obtained from the nerve confined in the spine’s base. Placing the head above your body relieves compression and reduce lower back pain. Furthermore, you don’t need to use multiple pillows to prevent neckaches since the adjustable bed base provides a well-supportive platform for your neck. Lastly, raising the foot takes off un-needed pressure that affects the spine by allowing for knees to be bent, and legs to levitate.

  1. Less Snoring

Snoring occurs when airflow gets obstructed while you lay flat. Its because your nasal passage airways don’t open entirely when you lay flat which eventually causes snoring. As it was mentioned earlier in this article, the adjustable bed base allows you to sleep in a more upright position so that your nasal passage doesn’t get affected even when you are sleeping. Thus, you will enjoy improved sleep quality and reduce snoring with the help of natural airflow into your nasal passage.

  1. Solve Insomnia

Multiple reasons may cause insomnia. It may be a pain, anxiety, or a weak sleeping position. You already found out that an adjustable bed base can solve some pain issues. But if your inability to finding a perfect sleeping position is causing insomnia, then the adjustable bed base can answer that too! The adjustable bed base can offer numerous sleeping position choices so that you can find the perfect one for yourself. By improving blood circulation throughout your veins and allowing more excellent airflow, the adjustable bed base can be tagged as the ideal option if you want to fall asleep faster.

  1. Improve Digestion

Did you know that your body process most of the food you ate while you sleep? It's true. Your body may rest, but the digestion system in your body doesn't. There have been concerns about laying flat which causes hindrance on the body's ability to process food. With the help of an adjustable bed, you can lift your head to a recommended 6-inch upright position to prevent you from retaining gas in your stomach and keep you comfortable for the whole night.

  1. Helps People With Limited Mobility

At a particular stage of your life, you may encounter mobility issues. Be it an illness, disability, age, or accident; you may find it especially hard to get out of the bed. The adjustable bed base can be perfect assistance that you will require in mobility issues. You can simply lift your chest and shoulder first while getting in or out of bed.


Concluding Remarks

The adjustable bed base has enormous health benefits and brings a lot of comfortable features into your lifestyle. You can’t ignore the enriched sleeping experience and health benefits of an adjustable bed base. Therefore, you can surely consider the adjustable bed base as one of the best lifestyle enhancement options.

  • Eric Blackmon
10 Ways Your Mattress Can Affect Your Health Negatively and How to Prevent it

10 Ways Your Mattress Can Affect Your Health Negatively and How to Prevent it

Sleeping is a crucial part of our daily life. There is no better feeling than hitting your pillow after a long, tiring day and sleeping well to wake up feeling refreshed. Bed mattresses are designed to help people to get a solid seven to nine-hour of fantastic rest and have an excellent day after waking up fully restored. However, sometimes, a bad mattress can negatively affect your health.


Reportedly, over 90 percent of people know the importance of a high-quality mattress for sleeping, according to The National Sleep Foundation. But most of them show a lack of interest in buying a new mattress just because of the price tag on it. But do you know that a poor mattress can do a lot more damage than just leaving you tossing and turning throughout the night? A poor mattress can cause very unpleasant diseases such as chronic back pain, allergies, aging, weight gain, etc. Here is what science has discovered as common mattress diseases:


  1. Back Pain

Although there are tons of reasons why people suffer from backache, Low-quality bed mattresses are very commonly identified as a primary reason for causing it. Your spine has some natural curves, and your mattress should provide adequate support for it. But sometimes you don't find that assistance when you are struggling on your bed to find a comfortable posture for your body. Any awkward push or pull on your spine due to a poor mattress could put pressure on your connecting ligaments and tendons, resulting in chronic back pain. Furthermore, the pain presents more discomfort and exhaustion over time since it will only increase in your old mattress.


This happens mostly because your old mattress begins to wear out after a particular time. Therefore, it starts to sag in the middle, and you end up sleeping in an awkwardly curved bed instead of sleeping on a flat surface.

  1. Neck Pain

Unquestionably, your pillow plays a pivotal part in causing neck pain. However, your mattress can also play a role in the connection of your head with your body. Since your spine connects your body to your head, a mattress with a ton of lumps or saggy parts can tip your head back or forward and cause discomfort. That's what ends up becoming neck pain. There is no alternative to using a mattress with no dips or bumps in this case. It is also recommended to use additional pillows to support your head and neck at night.

  1. Joint Pain

Commonly, firm mattresses are known for providing a good sleeping position. However, if your mattress is too firm, it can put added pressure on your shoulders, knees, hips, side, and back. An old or too firm mattress can generate additional pressure which prompt aches and pains in your joints.


The ideal solution is to change your mattress if you are suffering from pain in your neck, back or joints. Medical professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths often recommend latex mattresses to counteract these kind of pains because of its exceptional body pressure distribution properties. That is why the unique balance of proper support for your spine and soft comfortness for your joints and neck makes latex mattress an excellent choice.

  1. Allergies

Ordinarily, it is advised that you change your mattress every 6 to 8 years. Because after that time, the mattress itself becomes a breeding place for dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic creatures which eat the dead cells of your body sheds. WebMD reports that about 20 million Americans are allergic to bed bugs. If you are allergic to dust mites, it can trigger allergic reactions to your skin by causing eczema and develop respiratory conditions by making your throat sore and itchy. In addition to causing eczema and respiratory conditions, dust mites can also contribute to snoring.

  1. Mold and Fungus Infections

Although it sounds pretty nasty, but your toss and turns could release several fungal spores from ordinary mattresses into the air while you sleep at night. This happens especially in a humid bedroom with inadequate ventilation where several strains of mold and fungus can take shelter. You will be breathing in and out these mold and fungal spores, which triggers allergies and causes problems to your respiratory system, including serious lung infections.


Although you can opt for an allergy-proof sleep cover to help you to reduce the number of outbreaks, you can choose latex mattress as a long term solution. Latex mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites and it is known as the most durable of all mattress types available.

  1. Heart Issues

May sound very strange, but a poor mattress can also trigger heart conditions. Getting insufficient sleep or no sleep can elevate the risk of stroke and high blood pressure by a good margin. If you get insufficient sleep or suffer from insomnia, you have 48 percent more chances of developing a cardiac disease compared to those who sleep well, according to the European Heart Journal.


Hybrid mattresses can function superbly in order to make you sleep because their coil support system perfectly cradles your body. In addition, it contains additional cushioning along with cooling materials(such as gel) which slows down your body temperature while you go to bed.


  1. Overweight

Recent medical studies have found a connection between sleep duration and weight gain. The American Thoracic Society’s Annual Conference by Dr. Arn Eliasson shows that getting the right amount of sleep time can assist you in losing weight in your waistline. In contrast, other scientific evidence shows that people who sleep 7.5-8 hours weigh less and lose weight quickly. So lack of sleep due to your lousy mattress can promote your weight gain too.

  1. Memory Impairment

Proper sleep plays a crucial role in forming and preserving memories, while insufficient sleep can affect your brain patterns and lead to memory impairment. Besides, if you are sleep deprived, your brain may record events thoroughly, and you will not only fail to recall memories, but you will also fail to form new ones.


  1. Weakened Immune System

Insufficient sleep often weakens our immune system. Sleeping in your old mattress can frequently turn your sleep into nightmares, and it can lead to a weak immune system. A poor immune system gets trouble while fighting germs and makes you more prone to sickness and cold, including other illnesses.


  1. Premature Aging

If your mattress keeps you awake at night, it could affect your skin in both the short term and the long term. Research run by cosmetic company Estee Lauder on women’s sleep habits found that poor sleepers displayed exaggerated signs of skin aging, including fine lines, uneven pigmentation, and reduced skin elasticity. On the other hand, women who slept the soundest had the younger-looking skins.


Again, a hybrid mattress can be your rescue option to avoid most of the above situations considering it is known for making sleep extremely enjoyable.


Concluding Remarks

According to The International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health, we spend one-third of our life sleeping in our bed. Therefore, our bed mattress is supposed to provide us comfort and healthy sleep while we keep it for a long time. However, we should also keep it clean and usable by all means and say goodbye when it needs to be replaced.

  • Eric Blackmon
The Five Secrets to Luxurious Hotel Bedding Around the World

The Five Secrets to Luxurious Hotel Bedding Around the World

The DreamFit gang recently spent some time in Las Vegas for one of our favorite convention and markets. It got us thinking, “What makes a great hotel bed and where are the best of the best?” As we put our heads together and our travel experience to work, we realized that most all of these secrets populate most of the best hotels in the world

Secret One: The White Bed

Westin’s Iconic White Heavenly Bed

According to We Found The ONE Reason Why Your Hotel Bed Is So Perfect in the Huffington Post, the Westin’s Heavenly Beds started one of the most luxurious trends in hotel bedding: the all white ensemble. Before these decadent clouds of heaven arrived in the travel industry, hotels “mostly used colored bedspreads, which were easier to keep clean.” However, after seeing the overwhelming results of a test market, the Westin decorators knew they had stumbled onto something.

“Visually, the idea of the white bed is important,” said Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton hotels. “Something about an all-white bed connotes luxury and a good night’s sleep.”

And luxurious hotels around the world have picked up on the simplicity and the luxe of the all white palette. The Hilton, Ritz Carlton, and Four Seasons are just a few of the most decadent hotels in the world that use all white bedding.

Secret Two: A Third Sheet

According to How to Make A Hotel Bed At Home , Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton offers a secret twist that both hotel chains do: “There are three sheets,” says Hoover. “That way, you’re always touching a sheet. It’s a really plush bed.” Layer your bed with a flat sheet, a middle sheet and a fitted sheet and slip into that same level of deep sleep that seems to exist only in a hotel room.

Secret Three: The Perfect Pillow

The Liason’s “Select Your Pillow” Extra

In ABC’s Good Morning America series Best. Hotel. Beds. Ever, The Liason Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. has the Affinia Bed topped with the Sealy Posturepedic Plush Sleep System, but the guests love an equally plush extra even more: selecting the pillow best suited for their sleep habits. According to a spokesperson for the hotel, “Guests can also choose a unique pillow from six different options, such as a natural buckwheat version, a memory-foam pillow or one with therapeutic magnets.”

Secret Four: Mattresses That Seem to Improve Your Aches and Pains

Hotel Rivington’s Tempur-Pedic Mattress

New York City’s Hotel on Rivington has Tempur-Pedic mattresses in every room at the hotel. Guests describe the mattresses as “form-fitting, weight-distributing sponges created just for you.” And according to Not only are these mattresses designed to adjust with your movement — whether you sleep on your side, stomach, back, or all three — in order to maintain proper spinal alignment, but they are also designed to relieve pain at key pressure points. Other hotels that use these ergonomic miracles: the Catalina Hotel, The Gallery Inn, and Cap Maison Resort & Spa.

Also in New York City, The Radisson Martinique on Broadway provides Sleep Number Beds with over “100 different levels that range between incredibly firm and featherbed soft.” And if you are lucky enough to be cuddling in New York City and in this piece of perfection: each side of the bed can be adjusted to a different number. Other hotels that use Sleep Number Beds: Bayfront Inn 5th Ave; Domain Hotel, and Joie de Vivre Hotel.

Secret Five: Feather Toppers

Miraval’s Feather Topper Beds

The signature featherbeds at the W San Francisco (and at all of the W hotels) are designed by Simmons to relieve pressure points with its special Visco Memory Foam. The Miraval’s bed which guests have called “a bag of marshmallows,” gets its softness from an ultra-fluffy feather topper as well. You’ll also find them in Marriott hotel rooms and in their stores for purchase.

Now that we have let you in on what we believe to be the five secrets to luxury and rest, here is one last added bonus if you want to mimic the same feelings of opulence in your own home: come back and visit our next blog: Design Tips from the World’s Favorite Resorts and Hotels.

By Dreamfit