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We offers the right solution for mattress and bedding. All of our products are specifically developed in close association with mattress and bedding manufacturers such as Dreamfit, Malouf and Wellsville to deliver maximum productivity and superior quality of seams in the finished product. Our company also offer a comprehensive package of high performance mattress that enhance your sleep comfort and give you the luxury sleep you need.

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Choose from a wide variety of adjustable bases, bedding, bedding accessories, pillows and more! No mattress would be complete without the perfect selection of bedroom adornments.

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The latest breakthrough in science creates a more comfortable mattress. CarbonCool™ combines the outstanding thermal conductivity of graphite-infused memory foam with the temperature regulation of Omniphase™ phase change material to ensure the optimum sleep temperature through the night. This 14-inch mattress has a 3-inch layer of CarbonCool™ + Omniphase™ infused memory foam at the surface for advanced temperature control. A response foam layer and 9-inch supportive foam base provide pressure-relief and support of a quality memory foam mattress.

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